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C’est au fil de mes voyages, dans un atelier de tissage sur le lac Inlé, dans le fouillis du marché de Chatuchak à Bangkok, les jardins poétiques de Bali, les plages lumineuse de Koh Samet, les somptueux fonds marin des Philippines… tout cela forge mon inspiration et anime ma créativité et mon gout pour la mode ! Car la liberté dont je profite lors de mes voyages se retrouve aussi dans mon look !


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  1. Hello!

    A couple of weeks ago i’ve send a message on instagram, But you probably didn’t noticed it.
    My question was if the barefoot sandals are sold per 1 or 2 pieces? Because my french is terrible, i could not find the answer on your website.
    Now that I take Another look, i’ve noticed that almost everything is ‘rupture en stock’, which means all items are sold out, right? Will there be new collection or is there any other way to order your beautiful jewellery?

    1. Hi

      What you by is what you see on photo (except shoes and rings)
      My barefoot sandals are sold per two : one for each feet. So when you order some barefoot you will guet minimum 2 pieces. Some times more because ankle bracelet. So trust me.
      Thank you
      Inge de Brauwer

    2. oups ! all was noted « sold out » because I was on travel. You can visit idbeachnice.com now !

    3. Hi Marieke,

      Please can you check your bank about your order. I have no news…
      Thank you

      Inge de Brauwer

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